Friday, August 14, 2009

Pretty things!

The very large order of brocade that I did recently has now all been added to the various items of clothing it was intended for. It was decided at the last minute that a very posh girdle was also required - as the was enough of the burgundy remaining to do this, a portion has now been made up into this rather lovely girdle!

The beautiful, jewelled buckle and strap-end was created by Nicky Wade - who's wonderful jewellery you can see here - These are silver, gold plated with precious gems on both sides. She also put together the girdle as a whole, including riveting the plaques which were provided by the client.

The ribbon has been stiffened and backed with silk (beautifully done by Bess Chilver!). Because this was woven as garment trim, it was a little too fine for the weight of the plaques being provided. (Had it been woven specifically, I would have probably woven with a fifth thread through the centre - something which can be seen on historical examples). By adding a stiffening, this can now be handled more often without risk, and the backing of course stops any catching of the rivets.

All of these lovely things are part of the new exhibition/attraction (I don't really like calling it an attraction, as everything has been meticulously researched) at Dover Castle.

Other than that, I am still super busy in the day job (always am this time of year) and seem to have alot of paperwork to catch up on. Getting there, slowly!


  1. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Wow! That is a lovely use of that trim. Bess & Nicky did a really lovely job there...

  2. Both your weaving and the hardware are really beautiful! I was surprised to read that it is for an exhibit at Dover. I was there in the 90's and it was in need of some repair. So I went to the castle website and was amazed at how much better the castle looks! And reproduction furnished interior! Wow!!! I may have to go have another look someday...

  3. Oh wow, that is stunning

  4. OT : Did you happen to see ?


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