Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm still here... just...

What can I say? August and Sept have not been particularly good months as I've not been very well. Rather put a damper on some of my summer plans. But, I am slowly catching up, and even have some exciting things in the pipeline. I managed to find someone who can make my button moulds, just about any size/shape I want, and who will probably be able to make tassel moulds too. (I will also be experimenting with washable leek buttons!!!) I am still weaving and making - just finished a very large order of leek buttons for a clerical robe - and am trying to do some dressmaking as I have some gorgeous fabric crying out to be made into something I can wear, not just look at.
Very soon I will have my shop back up and running (should everything go to plan) and will be including materials - such as wooden tablets and kits - as well as finished items.

I will update with pics soon, but in the meantime, do you remember the modern buttons I made for my friend Ruth? She's posted up the stunning finished jacket with very good detail photos - do have a look. It's really nice to see traditional items being used in a modern context.

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  1. Segue : I've recently found Etsy (and now have a new set of rings :-) but I was quite suprised at the scarcity of tassels there. As in - bugger all.
    I'm disappointed coz I want a new one for my cane (decorative as well as making it more visible), but the type you do would be too expensive for me. (So why am I telling you? I dunno - coz you are the tassel lady, and I've been searching for tassels) *grin*
    What I SHOULD do is make one myself!!!!!!!!!!


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