Monday, October 05, 2009

Decorating occupational clothing

Very busy last week making items for occupational clothing - both modern and historial.

Modern - lots and lots of Death's Head leek buttons for two frock coats and matching waistcoats. As they are for a Reverend, and so therefore black, I'm afraid there wasn't much point photographing them! But, I am hoping to get photos of the finished frock coat so that will be a very nice addition to the gallery.

Historical - a shoulder tassel for a 1760 dragoon uniform. The costumier (Ninya Mikhaila) had a drawing, and references to other types (officer's in gold bullion and silk, with very intricate work on the tassel heads!), but nothing for the actual uniform in question, so this is what we came up with -

The weave of the ribbon isn't quite the same as the weave on the officer's ribbon, as there just wasn't time to master it on the band loom (the original would have been machine woven by this period, allowing for far more variation in the weave quickly). Had there been time, I probably would have used a pick-up technique. And, although the photo appears to have two different colours of blue, it hasn't! The satin wrap on the tassel just reflects the flash a bit differently.

And, should have worked over the weekend, but decided instead to make a dress and jacket. Nearly finished, and thoroughly enjoyed doing some traditional sewing for a change!

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