Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More buttons

It's been a pretty hectic month all in all, much of which has been spent working away on something that ended up being rather tedious. And of course bookwork, though the actual stress for that has been aliviated, thanks to the postal strike. I will just have to submit my tax returns online this year, as I really don't want to risk getting fined for the return not arriving in time. I somehow doubt I could claim it back from the PO... my energy levels are improving a bit, though not quite, which is irritating when my brain can think of a million things that must be done, or that I want to do!

I have had a productive button making time though!

These buttons are a first attempt at reproducing some Victorian buttons, the images of which were sent to me by a friend. I love the swirly design, and they worked very well as decoration for the jacket they are on.

These little buttons are for a polonaise which Isabella of Prior Attire is making - the polonaise looks lovely so far, and the silk fabric is yummy.

And this is the shoulder knot in place, with the wonderful uniform coat by Ninya Mikhaila. Don't you just love that yellow!

I've also finished one article on medieval passementerie, more of when I know if it has actually been accepted for the publication it's intended for! I suspect I won't know until next year, as it's not due for publication until 2012.

I'm finishing off a new masterclass for Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the costume maker's companion, on ribbons & bows, for the December issue. I have a zillion photos of step-by-step processes, lets hope it all comes together well!

And advance notice of a book already on Amazon - though not available until July next year!
Sew Eco by Ruth Singer - with illustrations by me!

I have also been sorting. And sorting. And even more sorting. Goodness I have alot of silk and alot of stuff to make tassels with (but never the colour I want/need). I have ordered some wonderful storage units (I want quite a few more, but that will have to wait, the 'dream' work room is rather expensive, lol!)


  1. LOVE the buttons!

    And congratulations on the book! :-)

  2. Not enough energy?! You seem quite busy! 8-D
    *thumbs up*


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