Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Button Day!

It's Button Day!

As promised, my Deaths' Head button kits are finished and can be found in my shop, so my Campaign for Leek Buttons is now a little further along. I am also currently experimenting with washable thread buttons. Haven't quite got it right, but am working on it!

Don't want to make thread buttons? Why not dig out your old button box/tin/jar, and see if you have anything interesting that you can add to a coat to brighten it up (I saw a coat last week that was being sold with every button different, shame they were cheap tinny horrid things, sewn on very badly!).


  1. Hooray for Button Day! I hadn't heard of this holiday til very recently so you are ahead of me :)

  2. Saw this- thought that you might be interested[]=tags&includes[]=title


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