Friday, November 13, 2009

Suffering for my art...

For the first time in many months I've been doing quite alot of fingerloop braids. All with fine silk and three of them nearly 2 meters long (thanks to my hubby for helping!). I enjoy doing it; I can get a good rythm going, but as I haven't done them in such a long time I am now suffering!
(horrid picture follows)

Now, I have to wait until these blisters heal a bit before I touch any fine silk threads, or everything just ends up a mess. I think I will have to discipline myself to do a few braids every month whether I need them or not, just to ensure the callouses stay intact!

The up side is that fingerloop braiding is excellent exercise for the upper arms though - honestly! And at my age, that wouldn't be a bad thing ;) ... and so much more enjoyable than a regular exercise regime methinks!

The Leek button kits are nearly ready, so roll on Button Day!

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  1. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Oh my, I certainly *do* know those wounds!


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