Friday, November 06, 2009

Writing, writing

I've just finished my latest article for Your Wardrobe Unlock'd: the Costume Maker's Companion, "Embellinshing with Ribbons: Bows, Rosettes and Cockades". This should be published in the December issue. It has step-by-step photos so that you can produce some of these yourself, and I'm hoping that all of my instructions are easy to understand!

Added to that, The Braid Society's Journal 'Strands' has been published this month, with my article about the Luton Braid recreation that I did last year.

Did anyone see Garrow's Law on the BBC? Very interesting, but not enough Leek Buttons, again! I really can't figure it out - the best selling button type of the 18th century, yet never (or very rarely) used in costume drama.... so, I shall shortly be increasing my campaign by making up kits with full instructions, button molds, thread and wax. The more people who can make them, the more chance we'll eventually see them on TV! I hope to have everything finalised in time for 'Button Day' on Nov. 16th. Yes, there is a Button Day. No-one can seem to tell me the origins, and I'm fairly certain its an American thing (probably some advertising campaign originally), but I reckon I'll have to celebrate it!

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