Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't like January...

January isn't my favourite month, and this year's has been no exception - rotten cold, snowed in, ran out of gas right in the middle of being snowed in, op cancelled until whenever I'm next to the top of this list and of course tax returns...

Still, most of the stressful things are now out of the way, and it isn't all bad (had some great visits with friends). On the textile front, I've actually been very busy. Quite a lot of weaving and making laces, both of which I didn't photograph before sending to the clients, and a very wide tablet woven girdle in fine silk currently on the loom, amongst other things waiting to be started. For some reason that didn't want to be woven, but I have put my foot down and finally managed to get it to behave.

I had a new sewing machine for Christmas, and although I have barely had a chance to use it, I did manage a few days over the holiday. Below is my first attempt at proper free-machine embroidery. I love it! I suspect I will be doing alot more of that this year.

I have also started in earnest to organise everything I have with regards to sewing, weaving, passementerie, art and so on. It will take some time before everything is perfect - particularly as I do intend to eventually have my room completely kitted out with storage furniture from this company, Willowbrook. I have two of these units at the moment, and they are wonderful and I have planned out the whole rest of the room. (Besides the various craft storage units they do, they have bookcases and everything). So, you now all know what I will be saving my pennies for this year!

Before the holidays I actually took time out and made some gifts. And then lost all of the pictures I took except for the one below - a moleskin journal cover in silk with padded silk applique and silk braids and tassels. This was a secret santa gift, and the person (whom I've never met) likes pumpkins....

Happy new year everyone!


  1. I love the bag! If that's your first go at free machine embroidery, I can't imagine what you'll be making once you've had a bit more practice, but it's going to be well worth seeing.

    I hope the rest of the year is better for you than it sounds like January has been.

  2. January is too hot here. How about I send you some of our sun, and you send me some of your snow? I just love winter.
    Regards, Le Loup.

  3. Thanks Ruth! I can't wait to do more - I thought I'd feel like I was cheating, as I do hand embroidery, but it's very enjoyable.
    Le Loup - yes, you can send some sun! Snow is being willed your way... Normally I love the snow, but all told we've been snowed in for 3 weeks (a week before Christmas too) and it did get on my nerves! ;)

  4. Lovely work Gina, I always admire what you are doing.


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