Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another project completed

Another tablet weaving project completed - a very wide girdle woven with fine filament silk. This will ultimately be a girdle for a 15th century gown.

It's always difficult to weave wider pieces with very fine threads, as maintaining the tension across the piece is quite hard. I did say in my last post that this didn't want to be woven! Still, when it finally decided that it did want to exist, it actually went quite smoothly.

Besides everything else, I am currently working on a new shop. The old one has some things which really irritate me in the programming, so I decided that it is easier to re-install and start again, then to try to find the offending code in a zillion bits of program. So, hopefully, it will be up and running fairly soon and be better stocked! But I have to admit I'd rather be making than computing.

At least the sun is shining!


  1. Wow, it's beautiful!!! What type of silk did you use?

  2. Thanks!
    DeVere's 36 thread (high twist). It's a bit easier to use than the floss silk, as you don't need as many tablets. I find myself using it quite alot lately for tablet weaving.


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