Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm told it's spring...

...but I'm not too sure! It's cold today! And my daffs still aren't in flower...

Since sorting out the website, I have been busy getting as many planned projects (and some unplanned-spur-of-the-moment-ideas) completed as I can. I have such a long list though, it's often hard to decide what to work on next, as I'm sure most of you who have lists of projects feel. What would you like to see? I've set up a discussion on my Facebook page - if you are on Facebook, go ahead and add something. If not, do comment here!

This week, it's been Georgian trims. At the top, a silk chenille fringe. At the moment I have only been able to find one source of pure silk chenille thread - and it's not 'right', so I have to twist four of these together to get something resembling Georgian chenille. (Cotton chenille - not problem, there's a huge range!) This trim was made using knotting - a very popular technique during the Georgian period. The trim is based on one on a gown in the V&A, but does not match it due to the chenille issue. I may well have to just give in and get cotton chenille, just so that I can try a close copy. (At least cotton isn't a true issue for the Georgian period in the way that it is for medieval)

The second is a fly fringe - the flies are made using knotting (in silk) whilst the fringe itself has been 'put together' using a bobbin lace technique. The gimp isn't silk - again, nearly impossible to find these days - I found one, once, in only one colour and a ridiculous price! Making it myself is an option of course, but we'll save that option for someone who really wants to pay for it ;)

Below is another knotted silk trim - the yellow silk is first knotted with lots of knots closely together, and then this is knotted into the second group of silk threads.

This is all primarily to get myself used to some techniques, but I am also planning on working on a stomacher or two - another nice item (like purses) which can show alot of different hand techniques. Though I have to say, my brain keeps wandering towards a full Georgian outfit with all of the correct trimmings, but I think that may have to wait! (I have promised to make my wonderful dog a new bed, so I really should finish that first I think)

Thanks to everyone who's signed up at the Facebook page - and those of you who have commented on the new website!

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