Thursday, April 01, 2010

[Put clever title here]

Ok, so that's the hardest bit about a blog, I can never think of a witty or clever title. Oh well.

I've been busy working on items of stock, as promised, for the new shop. Of course, never, it seems, what a particular person wants at a particular time, but that's ok (at least I can do those to order!). This weekend will be pretty busy, I have a length of bobbin lace to finish (pictured below) and my new weaving shuttles have arrived so the silk on the loom (for a grosgrain ribbon) can now be woven. And then it's on to some tablet weaving and braiding, as the shop is really missing those items. However, instead of decreasing, my list of 'want-to-do's' is actually getting longer. (And getting some big projects added to it all of the time). And then of course there's some good old fashioned sewing some spring-time clothes for me. (Mind you, the weather's so rubbish, I reckon I can get away with not doing that for a little while yet!) Aren't I glad it's a long weekend!

Happy Easter everyone - I hope you all enjoy your break.

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