Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sale now on!

I will be temporarily closing my shop (for 4-6 weeks) from June 11th due to hospital treatment. As a result, I have currently marked down most of my hand-worked items until that time, so do take advantage!


  1. oh, you poor thing! I hope all goes well
    *gentle hug*

  2. Thank you! I'm thinking of doing some fancy embroidery while I'm recovering, so I'll probably be re-reading your blog next week! :)

  3. That's assuming I get any more entries up! Tho there are a lot up already about long and short stitch projects, and the Historical Sampler.
    I'd be honoured if you read my blog. I'm only a beginner at all this. (well, heading towards intermediate now, I think, I hope)

  4. Oh I follow your blog regularly, but I should refresh myself on some of your older posts!


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