Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small pleasures...

I've been very busy updating my Etsy shop with various little items I've been working on over my recovery period. It turns out I am learning quite a bit about photography too - for instance, I am still not very good at it! But, at least I am now getting a good picture every once in the while, and that can't all be down to good luck.

So, what have I been listing? Cufflinks, brooches, and a few head bands. I love working on the cufflinks and brooches - it is nice to think that passementerie buttons can still be used today - the only 'problem' is my husband keeps picking out cufflinks for himself! So, there are the more traditional designs - the Death's head for instance, but there are also variations, still created using traditional techniques.

For instance,

spider's web cufflinks - using the same knotting technique as I used for my 1596 buttons
A golden 'steampunk' brooch - using gold thread instead of the usual linen shirtlace
Sea-inspired cufflinks - using Dorset button techniques, both old and modern

Unfortunately, Blogger keeps crashing when I try to upload images. Hmph! So, here's the link to my Etsy Shop .

Remember, I can make to order, so if you want a different colour, just get in touch

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