Monday, November 15, 2010


OMG! I taught myself how to kit!

(I know of certain people who will be very pleased to hear that)

Now, this is a Big Achievement. Knitting has been one of those things that I've never managed. My father tried to teach me when I was little. My late mother-in-law, someone who could knit in her sleep and taught so many people, tried to teach me on at least three occasions. Every time I either struggled to hold the pins, got my tension so wrong that nothing could be knitted (let alone unraveled to start again!) and always just didn't "get it".

I kept all of my mother-in-law's pins and bits when she passed away - telling myself I would learn eventually, and then I'd regret it if I had gotten rid of them.

So I guess eventually is now! I have no idea what happened, I decided to give it another go. I wanted to do something, and have still got a bit too much of the cold in my head to do anything complicated or delicate. So I thought - knit.

Got out some pins, some wool, and of all of the books with instructions that I have I chose "The Bantam Step-by-Step Book of Needlecraft" - a book which belonged to my mom and I have asked for on numerous occasions over the last 25 or so years - she sent it to me (from the US) a month ago (which goes to show the power of persuasion!). Thank you again Mom - it really was worth me having it!!

And I knitted. First time. No frustration or confusion - didn't even drop the pins. Very Weird. And I sat there grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I made one of those short scarf / cowl things that needs to be buttoned. (I'll try to remember to photograph it after I put the buttons onto it - but no - I haven't done proper buttonholes yet!!) And I felt very proud of myself!

And my husband now wants a cable knit Aran sweater this time next year! hahaha


  1. Congratulations! Great achievement! Perhaps if your husband wants the cable knit aran sweater he can learn to knit for himself? :-)

  2. Great minds think alike Yvette - pretty much what I said to him!

  3. That's great!! Why is it that husbands always want complicated, big aran sweaters ?:-)

  4. I know! I like to think it is because they think we are soo wonderful that we can do anything! ;)


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