Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November, grumble, grumble

Well, I've been knocked for six with a bad bout of flu, finally starting to get a little bit back to normal but still nowhere near 100%. Oh well. I guess the immune system is a bit out of wack still!

But, I have finished an order for laces, which is now off to have aiglets made and fitted and am about to start on a set of buttons. I am also doing the planning on starting on quite an extensive project of Anglo- Saxon gold brocaded tablet weaving. The customer wants quite a variety of different braids, so I'm currently looking for supplies and so on. It will be interesting, as I haven't done any weaving since the op, so I'm still not sure how much I will be able to do at one sitting. Mind you, as brocading takes soo long, I don't suppose that will matter anyway!

Thanks to those of you who are stopping by my Etsy shop. Remember I am very happy to make to order - Christmas is coming! I have to say that I am enjoying using the authentic methods to make more modern items. I think it will be a relaxation device once the larger, "authentic" commissions kick-in. More will be added later this week. As a part of this I have been included in an Etsy Team- "Craftbritannia" - working to help promote each other's shops. We're doing a promo on Friday/Saturday, so watch this space!

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