Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another few projects finished

Another busy week! Just in case you haven't noticed, my new web site - has gone live this week. I am sure that I will find things that I've missed or want to tweak, but the basics are there.

Now, to just keep adding exciting things to the shop! And there are some very exciting developments in the pipeline right now. Can't wait to share, but I have to. Don't want to jinx anything quite yet....

I have also finished two brocading projects - the first was actually finished quite a while back, but as both are going to the same customer I didn't really consider the work completed until the very complicated one was done.

Both are silk tablet woven ground weave, with gilt plate brocade. The brocade does not run the whole length of the bands - only the area which shows when a veil is worn. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. This weekend, its back to buttons, tassels and some trials for frogging, so plenty to keep me busy!

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