Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting ready for the Wedding?

Yes, I have to admit I am looking forward to it. After all, where else can I see some of the finest examples ever of passementerie, goldwork and embroidery than a British Royal event? Forget the guest list - I love watching what's decorating the coaches and the regalia of the military!

And so, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow morning. And then a street party after. And I'll be wearing at least one Union Jack leek button! So let's hope the sun continues to shine.

So, it's been an odd week here in the UK - last weekend a four-day break, and this weekend will be too (yes, we have a public holiday in honour of the wedding, not bad...)so really, not alot has gotten done. I have tried to take some time off to do the things around the house that need doing (boring I know, but the bathroom looks fresh with a new paint job!) but I have still been busy with buttons and DVDs

I'll be posting up an image later with a selection of leek buttons done with different thread types but the same size mould - it is quite interesting how different everything looks. I want it to be a post on it's own, to be able to easily link to it later.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the DVDs so far. Next week I'll start filming number 3, which is planned to be a single disc this time. But I'll let you keep guessing as to the subject...

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