Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Making Buttons and Making More Buttons

I can now announce the exciting news I have been hinting at - the release of my first two instructional dvds!

Making Buttons and Making More Buttons show you how to make a really large selection of both tradional and modern buttons using passementerie techniques. Each title is a two-disc set and includes sections on materials and finishing as well.

The filming is at eye level - so you see what you would see if you were working the buttons yourself. You don't have to try to figure it out from a different angle. I give away alot of the little techniques I've developed over the years, as well as some of my unique designs!

The titles are menu-driven, and included an illustrated button chart so that you can choose which film you want to watch - and so which button you want to learn (or re-learn).

And you don't just have to want to learn these buttons for re-enactment or costume - these buttons look great on modern clothes and for all sorts of other embellishments.

This is only the start - there are other titles in the pipeline to ultimately have a whole series of how to dvds - The Making Passementerie series

Both DVDs are avalable in my shop - AND in both PAL and NTSC versions


  1. That's so great!!! And it makes me really curious about the other titles :-)

  2. The plan is to start with techniques that don't require too much additional equipment, and then to build up to the more complicated ones. And there will be some single disc titles thrown in as well

  3. How fantastic!
    I want 'em!

    I'm sure it was heaps of work to get these together - congratulations :-)


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