Monday, May 02, 2011

Frogs - in the best company

I was so pleased to see Mrs Middleton's outfit at The Wedding - the decorative frogging was beautiful - especially the little ones on the sleeves.

It is easy to forget that frogging needn't always be about actually fastening a garment - far from it! Decorative frogs can be so effective, adding that extra 'something'.

These examples are samples I have just sent out for a client to choose a style. All of these are made using a gimp thread - the different cords have all been hand-spun using the gimp, while the buttons utilise the gimp in different ways.

It's interesting how different look can be achieved with the same basic materials. And of course, these are spun-cords. If they had been braided or knotted or used in other different ways then the frogs would look completly different again.

The colours too make such a difference. These are bold because of the black and gold, yet those on the mother of the bride's outfit were subtle and understated.

And the BEST bit? The papers are currently actually using the words passementerie and braiding to describe it!

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