Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Using passementerie buttons & other things...

Still keeping busy here. Last week my monitor died, which has meant I have currently got the old one back. Ok, but it is quite a dark monitor, and I was just getting my images sorted out properly with the new one! Seems I am always starting a post with a moan about computers lately, doesn't it? (At least I am slowly getting used to the keyboard..) But, it's a month of bookwork, so I would have preferred to have the old computer and the new both working at the same time...

I am currently working on a brocaded tablet weave - a belt, which I think many of you saw on my facebook page last week. It is getting close to completion now. After that, another guitar strap - and this one, if it works will be very unusual in design. Then I had quite a brainstorm about another way of tablet weaving, which if it works will be super unusual. So, two totally non historical projects going into the 'to do' book. (I could do with far more hours in the day).

Speaking of which, I will FINALLY have the tablet weaving starter kits back in my shop this week. (Should have it all sorted by the end of the week).

I had to break off a little last week to work on some extra samples of passementerie buttons in use. I have made over some jackets , you know - done the more usual things with buttons, and then I made some samples using them in other ways - as card embellishments for instance, jewellery, and other types of decoration. Which is the perfect excuse to make a handbag and purse -

I love making bags for myself, so any excuse is good!

I keep telling myself that I should blog more often, but I do struggle with what to say. I think I will start paying closer attention to what other bloggers do on a regular basis, and see if I can pick up any pointers.

Oh, and yesterday I learn the exciting translation of a passementerie term - limace de spiral, a technique used for decorating tassels, means 'spiral slug'- I love it! (Thanks Jane!)


  1. Perhaps you could say a little more about the techniques you used for the buttonmaking?

    Or some tips about tablet weaving. I recall having a go, in the dim and distant past, and finding that the instructions clearly didn't cover everything because I did what I was told and didn't get the result that I was shown! Clearly there is more to it than meets the eye..

  2. Thank you, that's really given me food for thought and is very helpful. And your blog looks very interesting!

  3. I agree with Rachel. Not 'tutorials', but photos of the process of a button being made, with just a line or two of explanation (We have to buy your DVDs to get full instructions! *grin*) to show us what pamateriserie (Oh, like I have a chance of spelling it!) is :-)


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