Thursday, August 11, 2011

Buttons, timelines and screen tests....

It really has been all about buttons again recently - well almost (I have worked on some weaving and braids, but that'll be another post!). It is wedding season, and quite a few dressmakers want pretty buttons for wedding dresses - I've done about 40 different types already in the last week. That's the great thing about being able to make passementerie buttons - they can be made to compliment an outfit so easily, be it something modern or historically accurate.

The buttons shown here are a Victorian style -more commonly worked on a flatter mould as a sample for a client. (These more complicated buttons and many more will be on a future DVD).

An embroiderer who's work I really admire, Bjarne Drews, has been working buttons from my Making More Buttons DVD and I think I have another convert to the world of button-making! Of course, it is quite easy to convert those who are already interested in historical clothing - now we just have to get everyone else interested too! ...see below...

My apologies to not being able to get the tablet weaving cards into the shop yet - Camera and lighting has not been going well this week, and there's not much point having something in the shop that you can't see a picture of. Today should be the day, I've got a proper photography area set up now.

What is now in the shop however, are two research papers which are available as a free download - Passementerie Buttons Timeline and Passementerie Button Types. Both really are works-in-progress, but hopefully the information in them will help others who are looking to find the right general type of button for a period. One day I'd love to be able to include sizing information, but unfortunately that's not likely to happen! If you know of unusual buttons - especially those which might change the timeline, do please let me know!

And the third part of the title of this post - screentests....

Last week I had a screen test for the Create & Craft Channel. It seems I did ok - it's pencilled in now for me to be on air live in September to show the Making Buttons DVD, along with some great kits. I am however, irritate that my hands were shaking. Not really good when you are demo-ing a button being made! It seems that I have a choice - either the voice shakes (as it always does when I begin talks and papers) or the hands shake. Thing I am going to have to practice that one!

Still, considering it was the hottest day of the summer, I think I did ok, and I did enjoy the experience! So, when things are confirmed, I'll be sure to let you know, you can all send me good vibes on the day (and tune in!)


  1. cant wait to see you in Craft channel!!! your work is so lovely!


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