Thursday, September 15, 2011

And this week, I'll mostly be talking about ....

It's been quite a busy week for me - thank you so much for everyone's good wishes and kind words regarding my Create & Craft show! It really was such an enjoyable experience. Debbie Shore, the presenter, put me at ease right away, and the crew were super friendly as well. But more importantly, it seemed as though everyone really enjoyed what they were doing - even as early as 7am (while setting up) on a Sunday morning.

For those of you who are regular viewers - it really is as nice an atmosphere as you think!

Here's a picture of me in the Green Room before the show - my little 'rest' in between setting up and going live.

I was simply happy that my hands weren't shaking like they did in the screen test, and I pretty much remembered what I wanted to remember...! We're discussing when I'll be going back, so you'll all be the first to know. ;-)

But, there's no rest for the wicked! I've had a rush job for a length of fine ribbon - in itself not a problem, I had paced myself so that I wasn't doing it all in one go. However, for some reason that I can't explain, I used the wrong heddles. Not noticeable initially, it was only as I was about halfway through that I realised the heddles were shredding the silk, creating a fluffy ribbon. Not pretty, so away it came, and I started over. And, by 2am, had completed the new ribbon. I've been asked to post a picture of the fuzzy one on my website, so I will try over the weekend. (It will get posted on my Facebook page). I have decided it will be good to try out rosettes or something.

For today instead, how about a picture of some pretty Singleton-style buttons -

I really like how these turned out - they are simple enough, I know, but by mixing two colours of fine silk thread, the match with the 'changeable' silk fabric worked really well.

And so, onwards and upwards. Two more ribbons to weave and some fly fringe - with roses - to figure out. I am quite lucky you know!


  1. Beautiful buttons and a pretty lady! I'd so glad that you enjoyed doing the show :-) :-) Just wish that I could see it. Wanna YouTube it if you can?

  2. Thank you! :-)
    I'm not sure on the YouTube thing, I don't want to mess up copyright anywhere! However, next time I talk with them I'll enquire. (And then see if hubby will do the conversions. I hate stuff like that!!)


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