Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sunny September and Buttonholes

For those of you here in the UK, you know what I mean  - the weather was quite wonderful last week and although it is colder now, really, for a change, we mustn't complain! 've been enjoying the fact that we can walk with the dog through the fields, as all of the crops have now been brought in, yet my feet aren't covered in mud at the end of the walk (which is what usually happens!)

This week has been a flurry of getting ready - I'll be back on Create and Craft this Sunday at 2pm, I'm really looking forward to it, not least because it is an afternoon show! I won't have to get up at 4am this time. ;-)
I do hope that you'll tune in if you are able.

On the same theme as buttons, I have decided that I really need more practice with buttonholes. Let's face it, they do tend to be the more boring part of buttons, and yet a recent article over at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd by Jo Tyrell (Perfect Hand Sewn Buttonholes) did really remind me that I should put in more practice here. A good buttonhole really can bring focus to the button.  I'm afraid that, despite the fact that I love hand sewing, my buttonholes often leave a bit to be desired!

So, I decided to start with something completely different, and that I have never tried before - a triangular buttonhole. This is something which really does require concentration, but, I am really pleased with my very first attempt - by no means perfect, but pretty cool just the same, and what a nice way to show off a passementerie button.

I've decided that I will keep on this track, practicing different types of buttonholes, I think that I may put together a fabric book, with samples of passementerie, etc. It's something I've wanted to to for some time, and I think that concentrating on one 'page' at a time will be a good way to relax in between working on all of the projects I am in the middle of doing!

And these other projects? I've just finished another article for Your Wardrobe Unlock'd (pencilled for publication in Nov) - giving away more trade secrets! I'm also working on the next two DVDs, more of that another time I think!


  1. You sound like you are busy but having fun! Congratulations on being invited back to the show!

  2. Good luck with your C&/c show tomorrow.

    Lynne xx

  3. Wow! Love the unusual buttonholes. They're cool! Well done on the show - glad you got on ok and enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog too!



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