Wednesday, November 09, 2011


It's been quite a lovely autumn weather-wise here in the Midlands. Which is a good thing really - for some reason October is one of my least favourite months. I seem to always have a huge amount of paperwork, cleaning and general 'don't like' jobs, and by the time the month has finished I am usually glad to see the back of it.

But, the weather was so unseasonal that one Good Thing has come of it -we were able to take some really long walks through the surrounding fields. We are able to go onto the fields when there are no crops - but of course that usually means MUD. So, it tends to be avoided and instead we stick to walking up the road. I found some interesting bits of pottery, (though knowing nothing about pottery it is probably just ordinary stuff!)

Look how green everything is - this was only on the 28th of October!

Many thanks to those of you who have been in touch since I was last on Create & Craft - that was a last-minute decision! I shall be on again this Sunday (13th November) at 8am - with the second DVD title - Making More Buttons. Whereas Making Buttons focused on wrapped buttons in the Leek tradition, Making More Buttons concentrates on needleworked buttons such as the Dorset Crosswheel, Knob and others. (I do love the traditional names of some buttons!) . So, another early start - do join me if you can, and email into the studio! (In keeping with Create & Craft tradition, there will be a little something made by me which will go to whoever sends in the email which gets drawn from the pot).

Of course, that has meant the last two weeks have been - and still are - all about me working very hard to get interesting samples sorted out in order to ensure that the set is well-dressed! I shall probably be at it until late Saturday!

We are also busy working on the next titles in the series, and some other rather exciting things, which I really hope are able to get sorted.

Have a lovely weekend

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