Monday, February 20, 2012

Magazines and cancellations

I'm really pleased to let everyone know that I am in this month's issue of Popular Crafts magazine - there's a short history of passementerie in England, and a frog fastener tutorial.

The frog is an easy one - and uses a braid from my new dvd - Making Braids & Cords. The next title in the series will be Making Frogs & Fancies - so if you enjoyed making the one in this tutorial, watch this space!

As many of you will know, my launch show on Create & Craft ended up being cancelled at quite short notice. The joys of live telly I suppose! Still, at least it has given me a whole week extra to make up more samples! I know that those of you who follow me for the historic information will already know why you may wish to learn how to make the braids & cords I have chosen - and where you want to use them, but for  the very wide variety of crafters who tune in, I need to give other ideas. This can be challenging - but also very interesting. I get to play using more modern materials, and it is another learning experience for me.

So, just to re-cap - my next show is at 8am, Sunday 26th February 2012 - this will be the official TV launch of Making Braids and Cords, and I really do hope you'll be able to tune in and see what's been included on the dvd.

Fingers crossed nothing gets cancelled! If you follow me on twitter - @GinaBSilkwork any last minute changes to the schedule are usually posted there (plus other silly bits and pieces!)


  1. Hello Gina, I am a test comment.

  2. Congratulations Gina on a brilliant feature. The history of passementerie in Traditional Crafts is fascinating and your step by step tutorial on making a frog fastener is easy to follow with wonderful results.


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