Friday, April 13, 2012

New Product Launch!

As I write, a sort of damp drizzle is falling. So far we've had rain, hailstorms, snow and sleet this month, so everything really is just as it should be!

I have been really busy over the past few weeks. I've managed to write two more articles, more of those when they are published of course.

I've got a Create & Craft show tomorrow - Saturday 14th, at 2pm - don't forget that you can watch online by going to the Create & Craft website. All of the previous shows which have featured the Making Braids & Cords dvd has sold out of the title, so do tune in if you can!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was busy working on new products. These will now launch on Create & Craft on Tuesday 17th at 1pm. The show will change from Button it to Total Trimmmings - which will probably stay for a while if you are checking listings!

I'll be launching the next title in the Making Passementerie series - Making Frogs & Fancies. This dvd shows a whole variety of techniques to create frog fasteners and stand-alone passementerie motifs. It is a little different from previous dvd's in the series as this time it is technique based, though I do include some patterns to get you started. There are also a few traditional buttons (these have not appeared in previous dvds) - after all, you can't have a frog fastener without a button!

There is also a design booklet which can be purchased individually - this contains 62 designs for knotted frogs, spiral designs and motifs, including continuous repeat designs, to use with the techniques shown in the dvd. 

I'm also really excited that we will be launching the Total Trimmings Table©. This table has evolved over the years from me trying to find suitable tools to make the various passementerie items as I learn them. The first outing of it was back in '99 when I had my husband create a small table that I could use as a warping board at medieval events! This one has probably driven my wood people mad - the number of times I went back for a new prototype with another hole... 

The Total Trimmings Table©can be used for so many different techniques without taking up too much space. You can use it as a small warping board, as a fixed point for braiding, cord making, and netting, as a 'pony loom' for weaving and fringe making, as a frame for knotting and macrame, as a loom for tassel and pompom making and to tie bows, as a spool and skein holder and tensioning device for advanced passementerie techniques, and the addition of a good firm sponge means that you can use it for frogging, lace making, beading and other delicate work. If I listed much more, you probably wouldn't believe me anyway.

In the future I'll have accessories available to really expand what can be created with the Total Trimmings Table©. Can you tell that I am excited about it? 

Tune into the show on Create & Craft on Tuesday to see it in use!

All of these news products will be available on my website, from Tuesday 17th!


  1. oooo! You have invented something cool!
    I didn't realise that one could watch the episodes on the Net. I'll have to check them out - more to see you than anything. I refuuuuse to get caught up in a new hobby, tempting as it is! It helps that I'm not a costumier :-)
    Congratulations, once again :-)

  2. I don't blame you - I have been trying to avoid paper crafts for a while now (I do enjoy a bit of glue and paint sometimes too!)

    The Table had its first incarnation back in '99 - I needed something so that I could show techniques during costumed events. It is nice to finally be able to get it properly produced now.

    Thanks for the good wishes!!


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